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We all have mental health and we all need to take care of it, especially as we get older. It affects how we think feel and behave as well as determining how we handle stress, relate to others and make choices. Our mental health changes over time so we need to stay up to date on how to handle changes in our emotional wellbeing.

It is important to note that mental health challenges can develop as we get older, but it is not something that everyone will encounter. But it is important to have some knowledge of how we can help each other with any challenges we may face.

Are there many triggers for mental health challenges?

There can be several potential triggers for mental challenges in older people, for example; physical disabilities, long-term illness (e.g. cancer or heart disease), dementia, change of environment, illness or loss of a loved one, medications and alcohol or substance abuse.

The most common condition that is spoken about when talking about older people is dementia/alzheimer’s disease; however, this is not the only challenge that people face when getting older. It is common for some older people to develop several different mental health challenges and it is just as important for older people to get help as it is for younger people.

Older people can develop any number of mental health challenges, the following are some which are more well-known:

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